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How can I build an extra large drum light shade? Answered

I would like to make a big drum light shade (approx measurements are 40" wide by 12" tall). I've got a basic hanging light fixture (just a triple bulb fixture with no shade), and I would like to fashion a frame (this is the hard part) around which to wrap a thin fabric. 

Here is the style I'm going for, but not nearly big  enough: http://remodelista.com/img/sub/uimg/Julies%20Images/west%20elm%20parchment%20drum%20light.jpg

Any guidance you might have on where to get loops (or make loops) with approximately a 40" diameter, or how to get that frame done would be much appreciated!


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10 years ago

I'd try metal banding or strapping, the kind used to bundle loads of lumber. You can usually get it at lumberyards (real lumberyards, not the Despot). Used stuff might work, but they usually have new around for re-banding orders for delivery. Just tape or epoxy the ends together. It wants to curl anyway, and is quite springy, so it should form and hold a circle easily.