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How can I build an interior stone column around two wood posts? Answered

I want to use local fieldstones to build a column around two wooden posts in my basement. The floor is concrete and the ceiling is stippled. I have access to stones on our property. Do I fasten rebar and/or mesh to the 6"x6" posts? How do I do this? The posts stand about a foot and a half apart. My goal is to hide the posts but maybe leave a gap between them for access to the electrical outlet that presently comes down from the ceiling and/or a little shelf between the two. The floor to ceiling height is 7' 6". 


Josehf Murchison

3 years ago

How old and what kind of wood are the posts?

This is Important because you may want to replace them before you wrap them in stone. Most builders are cheep and may have used a popular post good for about 25 years, and you don't want to wrap the posts in stone only to rip it out in a couple years. The part of the post you can see may look good but if it is sitting on or in the concrete the damage may be hidden. Place a screwdriver near the base about an inch above the concrete and push. If it does anything more than mark the wood the post has already begun to rot and needs to be replaced.

If the wood is good and you are using fieldstone it is no more difficult than making a decretive wall.

First clean the fieldstone with plain water and select the ones you are going to use, try to get them all roughly the same size.

Wrap the posts in a vapor barrier use mason ties staggered around the posts about 4 per foot. You may want to put these in as you go since fieldstone is irregular.

And since I am guessing this is your first time only go up the post about a foot a day as you build. This is so the mortar gets a chance to set before you put to much weight on it.


3 years ago

First you need to set up a vapor barrier around the post. Go to your local home center and talk to them about your idea. They will point you in the direction of straps you can use to help anchor the stones to the column. The will screw into the column and sit in the mortar between stones. You may also want to get a new outlet box set up so you can move the plugs out so they are flush with the new rock covering.