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How can I build wire frame animal and insect shapes? Answered

I'd like to build wire frame shapes of lizards, geckos, insects and etc for lighting up at night. I've built a 4 foot gecko out of conduit tubing and fencing wire. It is very strong but was difficult to work with. I think there must be easier materials to work with. I've seen shapes made out of plastic filament, and then there are zoos that do the Christmas shows. Garden centers also sell the wire frame shapes for topiary. The typical size is going to be between 1 and 3 feet long. The material doesn't have to be hollow like tubing, it can be a solid like wire. Ideally, the material would be something I could heat up, bend to a design, then it would retain its shape when cool. A little flexibility is good but the design has to withstand being outdoors. Thanks for any tips.


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12 years ago

Depends on your cross-bracing. A lot of the christmas decorations are spot welded from something like coat hanger wire. You can bend PVC pipe when hot, but it's a pain to keep from kinking, maybe use a heat gun and a conduit bender? Or some of the thinner conduit and a bender. Or, if you have the cash, use soft copper tubing (comes in coils, not strait pieces) and bend to shape.