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How can I combine my 400watt and 750watt AC/DC inverters to get 1000+ wattage out of them? Answered

I have both inverters and they both still work.  Instead of going to buy an expensive 1000 plus watt inverter I'm looking for a simple way to just combine the two I have to handle the wattage I need them for.  I go camping a lot and I like having hot coffee in the mornings, so I need an inverter to handle a coffee pot.  I could stoke the fire and put a perculator over it or crank up the generator and plug in the pot but I'm a simple guy who likes simply plugging in the coffee pot to my truck! 



9 years ago

Hooking them up in parallel is probably a Bad Idea; too much risk of the output stages arguing with each other and frying circuitry. I wouldn't try it.

But ... Do you really need to run a single object that takes 1000 watts? At 110VAC, that's 9 amps. There are plenty of coffee-heating objects which draw much less than that. I've got an electric pot which will bring four cups of water to a boil in three minutes when turned up to full power, and it's rated at 750 watts (less if you turn the heat down, of course). Single-cup water heaters that run directly on 12V are widely available and would be a more efficient solution.

I really think getting a coffee pot suited to the task at hand is a better solution. Websearch for "coffee 750 watts" finds plenty of them at reasonable prices. Sure, it'll take another minute or two to come to a boil. But if you're camping, you're probably not in a rush...