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How can I connect USB (for computer keyboard) to MIDI piano so, say, the letter z plays the note C1? Answered

 I want to assign the keys of the computer to the notes on a piano keyboard, MIDI or otherwise. How to do it? When I press a piano key, a chosen letter of the keyboard is activated. I have computer keys assigned to play musical notes. I want to drive that software with a piano keyboard.



9 years ago

Most easily done through software. Take the key down/key up events and map them to corresponding notes sent to the synth. There's a lot of software out there which already does this.

If you want to do it in hardware, easiest is probably to program a microcontroller to read the key events from USB and send out MIDI.... still software, but running in dedicated hardware.


9 years ago

There is a Mac-based program called Garage Band that allows you to do this.  It's an excellent program, you can set a beat, play your music, then go back and manipulate length, pitch, the actual notes, and pretty much anything you'd ever want to do.  I'm not sure offhand if you can export MIDIs, but I do know that you can import them to the program.