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How can I control the up/down movements of an electric hoist? Answered

I have a hoist that is a northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200660033_200660033.

I would like to control the hoist's toggle switch circuit which has a LMG CBB60 capacitor (25uF+ or - 5%, 250V AC C40/70/21 50/60HZ). The hoist is 110V, 125 watt output, 1.5 Amps, 1.7 HP with a lifting speed of 16.4 ft/minute. The duty cycle is 10 minutes at 20%. The weight to be lifted is less than 50 pounds. The hoist also has a limit switch. 

I would like to be able to specify 15 up/down movements of the hoist that can be repeated. My question is how can I do this? Any comments are greatly appreciated. Please see the attached images of the limit switch and the toggle switch. The toggle switch includes a large capacitor which is just shown on the right side of the photograph.


panic mode

1 year ago

get a smart relay and program it to do anything you want


1 year ago

A couple of general ideas:

Use a timer to start and stop the travel. This may not be consistent travel distance at top and bottom of the cable because of spooling diameter. But, you have not specified how accurate you need to repeat the motion.

Use multiple limit switches for travel stops. Attach the limit switches to a rack near the traveling end of cable. An actuator on the traveling end trips limit switches.

A small computer is used to control travel between stops. For longer travel, several limit switches are counted and travel continues until the correct number of switches are passed (and the travel distance is desired distance). The computer could also monitor duty cycle and pause as needed to avoid overheating.

These are not simple methods to create, but may be worthwhile if you will repeat the operations many, many times.