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How can I convert my 35mm Film SLR Camera to a Digital SLR camera? Answered

I Have an old SLR camera in excellant condition. It requires 35mm film. I want to convert in into a Digital camera. How Can I do that? Can I use sort of CMOS sensor at the place of film? Please help me!



Best Answer 8 years ago

Not Easily. If you had a medium-format camera, you'd be able to swap in a digital back unit. There were some early efforts to work up something similar in the way of a replacement back door for SLRs (or those SLRs which can have their doors replaced, anyway, which tends to be the pro units) that carried the CCD, but getting the CCD to exactly the right film plane so everything would focus right and handling all the other details (different frame size, etc.) proved to simply be impractical.

Rather than destroying an old camera, I'd suggest selling it and using the proceeds to buy a used digital SLR. Third-generation DSLRs are available used for reasonable prices (as cameras go). Depending on your current system, you may or may not be able to use your existing lenses with the new digital -- Canon is the major exception, alas, since they completely changed the lens mounts and it isn't even possible to get a kluge adapter between the two.


2 years ago

You can by fitting a Sony Nex as the "electric film" digital back. The older 14.2mp APS-C sensor Nex are reasonably inexpensive now and they are easy to fit to a SLR or even a Rangefinder. https://digitalfilmcams.wordpress.com

This conversion is fully reversible if you have a spare camera back or make your own. The SLR is multispectral by changing the filters that are located inside the SLR behind the mirror. The above site link explains all this in detail. R.G.


8 years ago

use a negative/slide scanner with the film.