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How can I convince my parents to let me buy an airsoft gun? Answered

OK, so I've been wanting to buy the KART M14 EBR, [ $179.99, I think ], but my parents WILL NOT LET ME! I have ample backyard space. Any ideas on how to convince my parents to let me buy it, [any airsoft gun]?



8 years ago

well what i did when i wanted a katana was i just went in a mood .when they said i couldnt have it and then basically after a couple of weeks of being neglectful to your parents theyll buy it you, becuase theyre think there being bad ,and say stuff like "my friends mum gave him one" and tell people when others are around to embarress them ,say stuff like infront of your grandad "well i was going to get a toy gun but ma mama wouldnt let me" if this doesnt work your parents have issues .


Best Answer 9 years ago

Same way you convince them to let you buy anything which is potentially dangerous if abused: Demonstrate that you are a responsible, thoughtful, careful individual who can be trusted with it. Depending on what you've done recently, that may take quite a while.

Pestering them about it will not convince them. Sitting down and calmly asking what their objections are, and discussing whether there's anything you can do to address those objections, may.

Or may not. Some households have a strict nothing-that-looks-like-a-gun policy no matter what the kids' ages, and you just have to accept that until you're old enough to move out and have your own household.

(And, frankly, I'm not convinced any typical backyard is "ample space" for an airsoft gun unless the user can be trusted to point it *only* downrange at targets and to never shoot above horizontal. Ammo that escapes over the fence can be a nuisance, and possibly a danger, to the neighbors. If you're serious about this, I'd recommend talking with them about whether you can get some time on a range set up for the purpose.)


1 year ago

I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM BRO #Parentsjustdontunderstand