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How can I cut tetris shapes from glass?? Answered

I have tried using a regular glass scorer, but it can't handle the right angles of the tetris shapes. help! Is there anyway to do this? This is my goal: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://hadouken.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/tetris_mirror.jpg?



9 years ago

I suspect that these were made from a plastic mirror. Would simplify it a lot. Water Jet can be used, if the glass isn't tempered (nothing can safely cut tempered).

With a wet tile saw - and a ton of patience, you could cut the items from glass mirror, but you lose the width of the blade (+ a little) on each cut, so you would have to plan and cut accordingly. You would need extra mirror for the pieces to end up snug like the photos.

To cut concave right angles (the notches like in the Lemonie example), you can just carve away slowly. It is best to cut mirror with the back side on top, so there is minimal "tear-out" of the mirrored backing. Scoring might be possible but would require a full-on Jedi at the skill. Acrylic mirror would just need sharp carpet knives and patience.


10 years ago

I think these may have been cut with a high-pressure jet of sand/water, on a machine. Abrasive-wheel might do it for you (slowly) Otherwise score the bits you want to cut out into lots of small shards