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How can I cut vinyl records for a pickguard? Answered

I'm trying to cut a vinyl record to use as a pick guard on a guitar. I have tried to use scissors after heating it with a heat gun, but it always ends up warped. I have tried to flatten it with more heat, but have found that this is futile. It either becomes too hot and burns, or it remains warped. Any suggestions?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Hot wire cutter like you'd use for cutting polystyrene shapes?

What ever you use must be hot locally but not heat up the rest as, as you've found out, it will distort badly and become useless.

Good luck


6 years ago

I made an MDF template and traced it on the record with a grease pencil. I then cut it with a dremel about a quarter of an inch from the outline. I stuck the template to the cutout piece and then sanded to the template. I beveled it with an xacto knife. took probably about an hour to make the pickguard. I had premade the template.
Hope this helps.


8 years ago

I have done some bizarre crafts with vinyl records. One suggestion I would offer is to
a) get a rotary blade (or an exacto knife)
b) draw the shape you want on the record with a crayon. I would suggest both sides of the record so it won't matter which side ends up 'up'
c) Then place it on a pizza pan, put it in the overn for about 30 seconds at 325 Celcius. If you have an edge of the record resting on the edge of the pan you can tell how soft it is by when it molds itself to the ridge.
d) When you take it out, flip it onto a counter top or large cuttng board. Have a rotary blade handy and just run it along your drawn line, or just to the inside of it.
If it has warped at all grab another old record and press it on top with a book for weight
Should work ok.

Black Panther Knex

8 years ago

Thanks for the idea. I am using your idea and
the easiest way/ cheapest way is to score it then
snap it on the line.