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How can I disassemble a dc brushless fan without breaking it? Answered

I've got a couple old fans from computer power supplies. I'm removing the plastic fan to get at the motor. The plastic casings have different designs, but the core seems to be the same. I remove the sticker and pop off this little plastic cover. I'm expecting to see some sort of bolt or screw holding the pieces together, but instead there looks to be some sort of metal rod with a white o-ring. I'm assuming that's the sleeve bearing, but I have no idea how to remove the plastic fan; other then pry it off or dremel. Any ideas?


Jack A Lopez

Best Answer 8 years ago

There is a little snap ring, underneath the plastic cover, underneath the sticker.Sometimes this snap ring is made of metal. Sometimes it's plastic.

Pry the snap ring loose, and then it is possible to pull the rotor off.

The shaft, the permanent magnet rotor, and the plastic fan blades are all one piece.  A picture of this is attached.

Because the fan and rotor are all one piece, it is kind of tricky to just pull the "fan part" off and replace it with something else, like just a bare shaft, for the purpose of... whatever is that you were planning to do with it.

The best example I've seen of someone re-purposing a fan of this kind was in this instructable:

It's in step 7. Basically the old plastic blades were cut off from the rotor, and new ones are glued on to it.


3 years ago

What is the voltage sequence applied to the coils?


8 years ago

thax a ton... also help me that how can i remove plastic cover from motor.. lyk i jst want motor & fan .. not d box


8 years ago

The fan is probably a press-fit onto the motor shaft.


Answer 8 years ago

+1 yup. looks like they used a push nut for this one too. Often times they're snap rings, but it doesn't look like it's the case for this one.