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How can I fix the internal power connector in a Apple Powerbook? Answered

I dropped my computer more than a year ago. The power connector used to require me to twist unitll the green light came on. About two weeks ago, even that didnt work anymore, so I went to the Mac store and paid 80$ for a new cord. That worked for about two weeks, now I can't get anything. Is there a way to replace the internal adaptor?



Best Answer 10 years ago

So last night I fixed the problem. I took off the keyboard using ifixit site, removing about 17 different screws from a bunch of different places. So now I was looking down on the computer without the keyboard. I then took tiny set of sharp pliers, kinda like wire cutters, and cut the actual outter shell of the computer and removed about 2cm around the power adaptor. This allowed the chord to make contact deeper allowing for a better connection. Obviously, since opening your computer and using wire cutters to rip a piece of the outter shell off, this might not be everyone first option, but I figured for me it was fix it or throw it out, so I am happy with the results.

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10 years ago

I had the same exact same problem. I went through 3 plugs (one shorted with sparks and flames before it stopped working). It got to the point where nothing helped. I just gave in and got a computer with a better designed power plug. If you are desperate enough, perhaps you can crack open the case and replace their stupid power jack with your own adapter that takes a generic computer power plug. I considered this for a while, but my fear was that the outlet I installed into the computer would keep breaking loose from wear and tear (and require constant fixing). The other thing I considered doing was going down to the Apple store and beating the manager senseless with their stupidly designed plug. Unfortunately, however better that would have made me feel at the time, one can't really hold the people at the apple store responsible for a $2500 computer made useless by a poorly designed plug. And then, when you go home (or to jail) you still won't have a working computer and probably feel even worse about thing afters unjustly harming someone for no reason in particular.