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How can I generate multiple text files with different infos for each ? Answered

Hello !

I'm oftenly working on invitation letters to request visas full of infos like passport numbers, adress, dates, names, birth dates, etc ... and also a text which is the same for all letters with the logo of my NGO and a foot with adress of my NGO.

It takes a lot of time to change infos on each and I oftenly forgot to change dates or passport number on some invitation letters.

I would like to generate text files for this invitation letter where I could choose the input for all the infos which need to change, and choose the text which doesn't need to change for all files.

Which software or programming language should I use to make something like this ?

I have already searched on google, maybe I didn't use the good terms, but I didn't find anything =(

Thank you,



Best Answer 4 years ago

The usual way to insert different details into a standard letter is to mail merge using your Fav word processor.


4 years ago

It irritates me to say this but Microsoft Word can do it.

Maybe someone knows an easier to use program.