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How can I get a project of mine into one of those ebook guides? Answered

I created the "5 minute safety light" and "LED lantern/lamp" and would like to know how to get them added to the 5 minute project ebook guide.



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Best Answer 9 years ago

They are by invite from staff only. Sadly, many of them appear to be from old guides and don't include many of the newer projects. If you really want in that badly, a PM to one of the staffers organizing them to point out your project might be worth your time.


9 years ago

It needs to be very good, well photographed and documented, popular and relevant.

Most of the entries have viewing figures in the 1000,s often in 100's of 1000's

It needs to be noticed and although not essential often has been featured.

Keep trying - aim to improve you presentation.

Look critically at those chosen and try to think what makes them stand out (it's not a random process)