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How can I get oil into this motor? Answered

Hey there guys, long time no see!

I have a very special request, I want everyone to take a look and offer their opinions. Here's the situation:

I recently aquired a 50" rear projection DLP Tv, quite a sweet deal and it still works... for the most part.. The sad thing is, the color wheel is starting to fail inside of it, for those of you who don't know what one of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Light_Processing#The_color_wheel_.22rainbow_effect.22 these are.

This tv still actually works fine, but the motor is getting louder and louder, and sometimes the colors go out of sync and I have to restart the tv. It'll cost me $150 at least to replace the wheel, but really there's no need for it, the motor just need some oil!

So anyways, I've had it apart before and oiled the motor, tried to squeeze some in the motor housing and in the divot on the backside where I presume is a bearing, but it appears sealed, as the video will show, as the whole outside moves, there is no visible moving parts of the shaft or the bearings :S

So what I want to know, is anyone familiar with this type of motor and how I can pull it apart/oil it (I've done it with computer fans, why can't I do it with this). Worst come to worst, I'd even try drilling a small hole with my dremel that I could inject oil inside with? (Btw I have 3-1 oil, which I think should suffice enough). I was even thinking of getting a container so the motor can sit in oil without the glass having to, and just let it soak for a week or something, Ideas people???




7 years ago

Your motor works with an "air bearing" system, which is why the unit is sealed. It utilizes a small amount of pressurized air to act as the fluid for the bearing. Unfortunately you cannot lubricate it.

The likely cause of the noise is that part of the wheel is wobbling, which is why most people find that shifting the TV or giving it a good smack can sometimes get things running smooth again.

Hope that helps.


7 years ago

It's a bipolar stepper motor by the looks you can probably replace it with any generic bipolar stepper designed to run from the same voltage.


Answer 7 years ago

As a second thought if the motor is screwed anyway you may be able to get it apart - then you will find either sealed bearings that have reached the end of their life & can be replaced OR plain bushes that will need to be remanufactured find someone with a lathe.


7 years ago

I wouldn't try.
Something like WD40 might work short-term, but the thing isn't designed to run full of oil...



7 years ago

The pictures are really good but its still hard to tell exactly. It looks to me like it was pressed together. The center plug was slightly larger than the hole and it was then pressed in place with a hydraulic press. The 2 little drill spots are there for balancing. Its like balancing a tire, only instead of adding weight they remove it. This means that anything you do to it cannot upset the spin balance or it will vibrate and possibly self destruct.
When you reach the point that its broken whatever you do can't really make it worse. Its a what have you got to loose situation. If you think that its got a center bearing in the middle then it might be worth trying to drill a tiny hole in the dead center and inject a light oil into it. But if the bearings have gone bad and not just dry adding oil will not fix it.
Check on E bay for a replacement. The manufacturers are often the highest priced and if its a made in China part then they likely will sell it for a lot less.