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How can I get vegetable oil out of a polyester sleeping bag? Answered

I was doing laundry and cooking and I had my sleeping bag all washed and clean and the cap wasn't on the vegetable oil as tight as it should have been... Anyway now my sleeping bag is soaked with cooking oil, it smells weird and I've washed it normally a few times but it still feels greasy. Any special suggestions?


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Best Answer 11 years ago

I'd use "Dawn" or "Palm Olive" or a similar dishwashing liquid. They are designed to cut grease and eliminate oil. That being said, I've had similar incidents. You might just have to get or make a good bag liner. That'll keep the oil off your skin and clothes while you're sleeping. Also, Hang the bag out in the sun and the wind every chance you get. EVENTUALLY, the oil smell should diminish.