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How can I get web radio software recorder ? Answered

I Would like to have a perfect software  to download or record my best program from web radio?
Any help ?


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7 years ago

For what it is worth on linux...

sudo apt-cache search ripper
asunder - graphical audio CD ripper and encoder
python-configobj - simple but powerful config file reader and writer for Python
crip - terminal-based ripper/encoder/tagger tool
ears - collection of Last.fm clients and CD-ripping tools
fadecut - toolset to rip audiostreams, cut, fade in/out and tag the resulting audiofiles
goobox - CD player and ripper with GNOME 3 integration
jack - Rip and encode CDs with one command
john - active password cracking tool
john-data - active password cracking tool - character sets
libcdio-utils - sample applications based on the CDIO libraries
libjbcrypt-java - Java implementation of OpenBSD's Blowfish hashing
libming-util - Library to generate SWF (Flash) Files - Utilities
pacpl - multi-purpose audio converter/ripper/tagger script
python-musicbrainz2 - interface to the MusicBrainz XML web service
python-musicbrainz2-doc - interface to the MusicBrainz XML web service (documentation)
ripit - Textbased audio CD ripper
ripperx - a GTK-based audio CD ripper/encoder
sound-juicer - GNOME CD Ripper
streamripper - download online streams into audio files
streamtuner2 - Browser for Internet Radio Stations
tiger - Report system security vulnerabilities
tunapie - Lists audio and video streams from Shoutcast and Icecast
yaret - A console tool to turn CDs into encoded music
distmp3 - A Perl client and daemon for distributed audio encoding
morituri - CD ripper aiming for maximum quality


7 years ago

With Audials Radiotracker you can record your favorite tracks from up to 60,000 Internet radios in the correct file format and with all the tags


7 years ago

Audacity should be able to do it for you. At worst you take the output from one PC to the input of the other and record it as needed.