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How can I glue thin, flexible, plastic to wood? Answered

I'm trying to waterproof the inside of a box by gluing plastic to the sides. The plastic is already in the right shape (I melted the edges together). The problem is that the epoxy sticks to the wood but not the plastic. It just peels right off. Any suggestions? It doesn't even have to be glue. You'll probably hate to hear this, but lots of stuff isn't available here, hence hackish solutions are probably the best. Thanks for any help.

Just so you can get the idea a bit better I'm attaching a picture.



4 years ago

Thanks for the help everyone! I decided to test superglue, and it wouldn't stick to the plastic at all (although it stuck to my fingers really nicely). What I finally did was to screw on some thin boards and melt plastic over that (staples would just pull out I think, but that was a good suggestion which I just modified). Again, thanks for the suggestions!


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cool beans. curious-is this for a greenhouse thing? i'd like to hear a long-term follow up. .. how it holds up. seems like somethin i might do someday.


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Actually it's for a dishwasher. I'm planning on writing an instructable if I can ever get it done. I'll post a link here if/when that happens. And try to remember to tell how it held up after awhile.


4 years ago

We had a similar problem the other day, only in a smaller scale for a secondary tank.

The bladder we had was from a silicone like material and no glue we tried worked on it.

Then my friend had the idea of using the windscreen glue he had left over - the black stuff used when they replace your windscreen.

We had to make a flat nozzle for the instead of the slotted one supplied as a flat bead was needed and not a wall of glue standing up.
And once we started we had to be very fast as the glue only has 10 minutes of working time before setting.

The good thing is that the stuff sticks to everything and stays flexible like rubber when cured, I am sure we did not get a 100% bond all the way but close enough to make sure it all properly glued and sealed.

Not the cheapest solution as a cartridge of the stuff is around 20$ for noname and 50$ for the quality brands but you would not need a full cartridge if you work fast and only use a thin layer of the glue on the wood.

Hardest part will be to get the foil in place as the stuff stick good in an instant.

So you might want to try different way of folding you foil to get it in and filled to push on the glue, or work one surface at a time, starting with the floor.


5 years ago

you can use an epoxy to water proof your box or polyurethane if your plastic ribs it will leak . if you want the plastic bag to wood use 3m spray carpet adheise


5 years ago

Your problem is the foil itself.
You should do some tests on a spare piece.
Glue for vinyl might work, same for shoe glue but they both won't provide a permanent bond to the foil.
I think your best option would be to use a slow curing silicone chaulk and to spread it with a slotted scraper (like the ones for glueing tiles).
Add the foil in the box and fill with water.
The water will make sure the foil has a flat fit everywhere and might be easier than trying it by hand.


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There might be some confusion on the use of the word "foil"

On this side of the "pond" (atlantic), "foil" means metal foil. I take it you are British?

good suggestions, tho. Testing on spare piece is especially good. You can even tear the test samples apart to see which is strongest.

How much heat did it take to fuse your edges? I've heard of fusing many layers of plastic shopping bags with a clothes iron, or even a hair straightening iron. Seems that multiple layers of plastic would be good. Put wax paper between hot iron and plastic to prevent sticking. That heat might just weld plastic together and to the wood at the same time.


5 years ago

clean with alcohol first.

things to test: shoe-goo, rubber cement, superglue, heat fusing plastic to wood.

are you trying to glue 100% of surface area? or just strategic points?

option f: staple the plastic down, then fuse more plastic over the staple.

let us know what works.