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How can I hook up this capacitor for an FM transmitter? Answered

In the attached photos, I have the schematic for an FM transmitter.  I pulled a trimmer out of a shower FM/AM radio.  It has six leads.  In the photo you can only see five of the leads.  The sixth one is on the other side and is shorter.  I'm pretty sure that one was for the AM. 

Can anyone tell me how I would connect this?  The one in the schematic has only 2 leads to connect.



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Best Answer 10 years ago

Your commercial capacitor is in fact at least 2 capacitors to cope with the multi waveband of the radio you stripped down

You can just use one side of it - either the 2 outside connections or the two on their own on the other side. HOWEVER the value may not match the intended use.


shows you a clever way to build your own to whatever value you need.

Please don't get discouraged when you FM transmitter doesn't work. RF circuits are notoriously hard to get working so much depends on circuit design, the PCB (or not), even how neat/good the soldering is.