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How can I increase by sub woofers volume without a remote? Answered

I have a 5.1 computer speaker system and the amp is in the Sub enclosure. There are no buttons on the Sub and can only be controlled via IR remote control. The remote has stopped working and everytime the Sub is switched off the volume and bass levels are reset. Is there any way I can increase the volume from the receiver or even keep the volume and bass at its max that way I can control it from the PC instead?

The remote only has a power button, volume up and down and bass increase and decrease. Ive checked the remote by pointing it a a digital camera and its not working at all.


Quercus austrina

8 years ago

As steveastrouk says, fix the remote.

If that doesn't work...

Look at the connections for the related buttons ([Vol up down], [Bass up down]). There should be a common point for each group (one for Vol and one for Bass) and two signal lines. You can solder a wire to each point and use a SPDT switch (Center Off), with the common going to the center pin and up and down going to the outer pins. Then mount them in a box of some sort and place on top of your desk. Now you have a wired remote.

If there are no common connections as above, but 4 separate connections (a pair each for up and down), then solder four wires to those points and use a DPDT switch (Center Off), solder the 2 wires for Up on one side - center and top - and the other 2 wires on the other side - center and bottom. Place in box and set on desk as before.

*You may have trouble finding SPDT switches locally (my local Radio Shack is pathetic in this regard) and can substitute a DPDT switch in it's place, using only one side.

**If you have some flexible CAT5 (or similar) wire laying around, you can use that to connect to the board and switches. Any unused wires can be clipped off at the outer sheath.

I hope this helps if you cannot fix your remote.



8 years ago

Fix the remote. 9 times out of 10 its the LED at the front has a damaged solder joint.



8 years ago

Your picture's a bit fuzzy. Might we have a clearer one and one of the back please? And the model of teh speaker system.