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How can I install a new top spray arm for an old dishwasher? Answered

How can I install a new top spray arm for an old dishwasher? It doesnt have a top rinsing thing. Would I just create a hole, adjust water pressure, and connect tube to where i would install a spray arm frame?

Also, any way to overwrite the regulations to let my dishwasher dry without needing a rinsing agent? I know on some clothes washing machines, you can "cheat them" to use more water. 

Thank you!


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3 years ago

Hi. So, the dishwasher doesn't have a top spray arm at all?

Ok,so start by getting a length of rubber hose, about 10-15mm diameter. It must be able to take heat. It must be long enough to reach the center of the wash dome top all the way from where the washer pump is. The hose that runs from the motor, into the reservoir, feeding the bottom spray arm, is usually about 20-30mm diameter.you just need to find a way to join into that hose.

On top, drill your hole big enough so the hose can fit, as well as the coupling you intend to use with the spray arm. I'd recommend the same kind as the one in the floor. That way you know you have a proper turn for the arm. Dont worry too much about the pressure. Thats why you need to use a smaller hose diameter.

To dry without rinsing aid. Firstly, does that machine have a dispenser installed or do you manually ad the aid when loading the dishes?

If it has one installed, just fill it with normal water. If it is part of the timer cycle, you cant bypass it, unless you take it out of the cycle. I did a mod like that once, where i disconnected the rinse cycle, but i installed a second inlet valve, that the client wanted to let hot water in at that given stage, because of the greasy frying racks he washed. He owned a fast food shop. It was a commercial machine i modified so the extra hot water, was the "rinse aid". To ensure all the grease is washed off before drying.

Hope that helps you in a general direction. Good luck