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How can I make a cheap spring reverb? Answered

I have seen online how to make the $2 one, but I was thinking one that is like in cigar box with power supply and stuff like that, a little better sound, with a microphone too, because I want to use for my tin whistle. Thanks


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Best Answer 11 years ago

You'll need a small amp, maybe two. You can build one, buy one or scavage one from an old tape player or such. A spring. This is the hard part since the shape size thickness of the spring is going to have a lot of effect on your sound. You need a frame to hold the spring. It would be nice if the spring were mounted in a bearing so that it could rotate easily. 2 small speakers. A 2 inch speaker would be great. One speaker is the driver and one speaker acts as a microphone. Attach the driver speaker perpendicular to the spring so that as the speaker moves in and out it will twist the spring. Connect the spring to the speaker with a small lever so that the speaker has some mechanical advantage. Connect the microphone speaker to the other end in the same way. It would be great if the speakers were adjustable so that you could move them closer to find the sound you wanted. Connect an amp to the driver speaker and another amp to the microphone speaker and see how it works. You might be able to use a pair of the piezo speakers and just attach the spring to the diaphrams. My first spring reverb I used a old set of magnetic headphones and glued the spring to the metal diaphram and it worked great.