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How can I make a mushroom above my corner bookcase to make the whole thing look like a giant mushroom? Answered

I'm redoing my bedroom as a mushroom garden and this was my biggest project, but I can't think what to make it out of!? My mushroom top is actually going to be the underside of a mushroom curving twords the ceiling. I can't find anything even similar to this project so at least a list of possible materials would be epic. Thank you loads. - Queen Allysibeth



Best Answer 10 years ago

you could use fabric. or you can buy desired amounts of vinyl at the fabric store as well which comes in a few colors. cut your shapes and just hot glue it in there. sounds like a fun project. please post pics!


10 years ago

Cardboard? I guess from "the underside of a mushroom curving twords the ceiling" you'll be looking at the gills? L

Queen Allysibethlemonie

Answer 10 years ago

This is me. Thanks for the input, and I thought of cardboard, but I don't think it will last as long as I need it to. Yea, I knew they were gills, I'd forgotten at the moment though. I really am not a morning person.