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How can I make a (relatively) simple adjustable height desktop? Answered

When I was working in tech support many moons ago, the office had these great adjustable desks. If you wanted to stand up while working you could raise the keyboard and monitor up to a standing height and if you got tired of standing, they would lower down. There was a motor that did the raising and lowering on those desks. I'd like to make something similar in the simplest way possible.

Bonus points if the solution can be placed on top of an existing desk and still work.


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8 years ago

Make legs using one of the following materials.
strut channel, size 1 5/8"
telescoping tubing, but you will need to drill - harder to find and more expensive
punched tubing - more harder to find and a lot more expensive

If on an existing desk, use felt or place bottom of legs in a cup and then set the new desk on top of the older desk.