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How can I make a single LED lite which can be placed in windows of a remote house to appear as security system in place. Answered

We have a remote house under construction.  I've been trying to find a way to have a tiny LED installed in the inside part of the window frames to appear that an alarm system is in place.  We have cameras in place but this would be just another layer for the crook to decide if he wants to go further.

The house is closed in and dry.  There is 120v available.  If it is possible, I'd like to have a "socket" at each location for bulb replacement.  It can be low voltage with a transformer and it would be better if all the lights were on the same loop.  The loop would be about 100' and 8 windows.

If the only way is a individual LED powered by some tiny battery, that could be OK if the life is quite long. I could fabricate a housing to hide the battery or socket so only the light appears.

I'm also trying to figure out how to making a single flash LED which I will post as another question in the same category.

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10 years ago

LED, 555 timer chip, a few passive components and a battery or other DC power supply. As commented in all the LED projects here on Instructables, a basic LED draws _very_ little power, and the timer chip doesn't add much to that.

LEDs also have hugely long life; don't bother to think about bulb replacement. They're likely to last until you sell the place.