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How can I make a small 3-4 inch bullhorn or something like it. Answered

How can I make a small 3-4 inch bullhorn or something that I can talk into and then amplify it with a speaker? It does not have to be loud just something that will work. My plan is to put it inside of my helmet so instead of talking so muffled it will sound clear. The power source needs to be either 1 AA or 2 AAA. I need to know the parts to buy and the steps on how to rig it up.
I was thinking of using my xbox headset mic and buying a $5 pc speaker but I have NO idea how to rig it and make it work or if its even possible without a circuit board. Portable microphone speaker is what i want to make or need to buy but it needs to be very very small >1.5" after I take it apart. Something like: Panda Rechargeable Mini Speaker



8 years ago

I got it found a video of a dude who use a cheap halloween wal-mart voice changer ah ha! why didnt i think of that.


8 years ago

Everyone will be able to hear what you say!!!
there are a lot of low cost helmet to helmet intercoms about now both wired and radio. Easier to buy in this case I thing - Volume isn't always the answer.



HUNTER II7rickharris

Answer 8 years ago

I need it to be a speaker not a walke talke.
In other words I need a mic to talk into and a speaker so others can hear me inside the helmet