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How can I make a string of LEDs that switch between 3 colors? Answered

I want to make a string of them basically, with 3 colors (Green, Yellow, Red), at about 4 LEDs for each color and I would like to have a switch that can turn the strip on/off, and switch between the colors. Any help for an inexperienced DIY-er? :)


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8 years ago

If you want to go the 'very controllable but a bit more learning but less building because its been done for you' -- check the monkeylectric product 'shiftbright' - it allows you to use a controller such as arduino to control a virtually unlimited number of led 'pixels' to be any colour at all.

If you just want strands of bunches of 3 colours, then get strands of those 3 colours and add switches to turn them on and off.