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How can I make a wireless USB hub? Answered

I want a USB hub that can be used kind of like the USB mice with the micro receivers. It doesn't need to be a tiny receiver though. I want it to be able to reach through a floor to a place directly below it. I don't want it to be over $50, preferably using scrap parts and less than $10



Best Answer 5 years ago

Not possible. That is to say you can build your own but it will cost more than $50 to do so even if you use salvaged parts. Unless of course you are able to salvage several bad wireless USB hubs of similar make and model. Then you could combine them into at least one working unit.

There are wireless USB hubs for less than $40.

Are you trying to get a printer in another room connected to your PC? If so i'm guessing there is a computer in that other room as well right? If so is it safe to say your computer and that computer are on the same network to access the internet? If all that is true then you can set that printer up as a shared printer on the network. So you can print to it at any time as long as that other PC is turned on.


Answer 5 years ago

I'm using a USB VGA adapter to connect my screen and a keyboard and mouse to a TV in another room.