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How can I make curve edge on suitable piece of furniture with basic workshop tools? Answered

I would like make curve edge (3D) on piece of wooden cube. Just one corner. Cube is part of furniture, upper right corner, just for imagination.I wanna make it rounded.



9 years ago

Your cube is six sided. Make a template circurlar disc with a small center hole drilled through it. Find your center on all of your sides.(x them) corner to opposite corner. Drill the same size hole in the center of your sides 3/16 to 1/4 deep. Now you will have a layout  in 3D. Remove drill bit from drill and put shank through your template and then onto one of your sides as a guide. Multiple discs of the same size make it easier to determine how much material to remove. Repeat this process decreasing your disc size  and removing material again. After about the third time it really starts taking effect. If possible find or cut something of diameter desired.(cup, bowl, or cut your hole on a 1/2 block of wood. Its time comsuming when you don't have the right tools. Older times they made 2 half spheres and pinned and glued. 


10 years ago

I would use a rasp to get the rough shape, then course sandpaper, then finish with either a planer or fine sandpaper. I'm not sure how clumsy it would be, but some kind of circular jig could probably be made from plywood cut out with a jigsaw, if the rounded corner has to be perfectly circular.


10 years ago

Course sandpaper and use thick rag as backing. Then finer sandpaper to smooth. Practice on scrap wood first.