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How can I make feed for my chickens from common (cheap) kitchen scraps? Answered

Just got three chickens. Want to keep them happy and healthy for the least amount of money possible.



10 years ago

Depends a bit on what your scraps tend to consist of. We'd often feed ours things like leftover vegetables, grains, rice, old bread, etc. It was very hit and miss what they chose to actually eat and I have no idea if they were nutritious or healthy for them though I certainly never saw them have any ill effects from it. We'd always have "pro" feed too though - we had on the order of 20-30 so it's not like they got that much each. If you do need to buy feed, looking at the "industrial" type places that mostly cater to farms cuts the cost immensely if you can bulk-buy (dry grain isn't exactly going to go bad anytime soon as long as it's kept dry and safe) or gang up with someone with a farm. Most of it is near identical and it's geared (and priced) toward huge farms with very competitive edges in "price per chicken kept alive and well". Some won't deal with small timers, but many will and have no problem selling fairly modest amounts. Some have even just given us feed now and again because they didn't feel like opening the register for such small amounts but thought it was quaint to have a small farm nearby. YMMV - it's been a few decades since I've had chickens.


Answer 10 years ago

(to add a little more) If money is an issue, consider the discomfort you will (and you will) feel dealing with someone used to selling to Jim Bob and his 1200 chickens. They really are nice people - it's just like paying less for fixing your car at a local motorcycle club rather then hiring a "clean" shop that, while they have a customer courtesy script and better hair, usually involves more cash then the "Oh fo sho. Just a damn alternator iddnit?" route and they're quite charming when you get to know them.