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How can I make my computer recognize my TI 89 Titanium calculator? Answered

I installed the TI 89 Titanium calculators installation disk before i plugged it in, like it told me to. At first things went well. I plugged in the cable after TI Connect was installed, and it installed the hardware. However, after it recognized the calc, i went on to update its OS. After I did, long and behold, the calc could no longer be recognized!!! it was OS version 3.00 for the TI 89, all i did was pressed the update link on the ti connect thing. Any help? The calculator is very new, probably 4 days old now and like i said before, the computer recognized it at first but now it cannot.


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12 years ago

Do you have the connector cord from your calculator? Also, do you have the drivers for the calculator to connect to your computer?