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How can I make my own bicycle trainer out of cheap materials? Answered

The cheapest one online costs $80!!! It's basically a stand for the back wheel of your bicycle, plus some kind of resistance on the wheel to simulate real riding on flat or hills. I need to stay in shape even when it's too cold or windy to ride outside. thanks in advance!



10 years ago

Honestly, $80 is a good value. Still, ordinary 2x4 and a little creativity at the hardware store would help. You'd need a pair of triangle shaped frames, connected at the bottom with a gap in between for the wheel. You'll need to buy or make some kind of bracket that will hold the frame of your bike securely and be removable. As for resistance, I can't really help you, but you need some kind of roller with a braking mechanism attached to it. You would need to raise and secure the front wheel as well. In my thoughts, the lumber for the project would cost maybe $15-20. The hardware could be $5-10 (or more). I couldn't hazard a guess on the resistance wheel, but I'd suggest the project's cost could easily hit $50 or more in total. I've seen stationary bikes for less than that in stores.