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How can I make my own deep propagator top, please? Answered

Essentially I can't afford those big, deep propagators - and if I could I wouldn't pay the extortionate prices. I can get a deep bucket to house the hydroponics 'ible found on this site, but I can't find tall, clear propagator tops to protect/house the tender cuttings I want to take (basically of foodstuffs). If you can think of a Rubbermaid style storage box/bucket, I would ideally like to make a clear top about 12 inches high that also fits tightly against the Rubbermaid box. My thoughts initially are making a plexi-glass/perspex box top - any further thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by.



Best Answer 10 years ago

I wouldn't put that much effort into it. Tape a few dowels or sticks to the bucket or box. Drape some cheap plastic sheeting from the hardware store (aka vapor barrier, poly film, etc...) over it or just use a clear plastic trash bag. Use some more tape to wrangle it into the shape you want and to secure it.


10 years ago

idk...you could always make your self a vacuum forming jig and make your own. I don't think it's all that difficult and might come in handy for other projects, but I like GuardianFox's idea for the simplicity.


Answer 10 years ago

I have never come across plastic that is thin like that - about 0.5mm - any ideas, anyone? Thanks for the input so far. GF is undoubtedly right but it's just to rough for me to accept unless I have no other option, really. But it is a mint reply. Thanks for yours, too, seandougue. ;-)


Answer 10 years ago

sure..the stuff you use for making your own plastic model car bodies and similar... I use GuardianFox's method for birthing herb seedlings and isolating sickly plants (white fly, , mites etc, during attempts to rid them with chemical sprays)