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How can I make my robot lower and raise itself from the ceiling? Answered

I working on a something that will be able to move along the ceiling. It will stick to the ceiling using magnets. To get through door ways, I need to be able to make it lower itself from the ceiling, move through the doorway, and raise itself back up to the ceiling. How can I get my robot to lower and raise itself? How can I get it to move horizontally through the air?



Answer 7 years ago

haha. a bit too complicated for me


7 years ago

Mmmm are you sure your ceiling is magnetic?

I guess some kind of detachable platform with a winch on it to lower the main mobile body to wherever and then once the main body is reattached the platform can release and be winched in again.

For the life of me I can't imagine the complexity of the mechanics or the control system to do this.