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How can I make night vision goggles without theatrical gel sheets? Answered

How can I make night vision goggles without sheets of red and congo blue theatrical gels? I can't get them where I live and I don't want to buy on Ebay.



Best Answer 8 years ago

It sounds like you could just use colored plastic. Gels are expensive because they are designed to be used in extreme heat.

(I haven't spent a lot of time reading your comment, but I really think you could just use colored plastic.)

If you do need gels, look for a music store like guitar center or sam ash... they can usually get gels for you.

If you want to get them online, look at http://www.internetapollo.com/Products/Pages/Gel.aspx or http://www.allprosound.com/. I personally really like All Pro Sound.


Answer 8 years ago

Look through a gel and plastic before you commit.


Answer 8 years ago

I agree... like I said, I haven't looked at your project in detail, so I'm not sure weather or not you need a gel.


7 years ago

I have an instructable on how to. These are real IR night vision, not what Kipkay made, which just filter out most visable light.


8 years ago

All video cameras ( PC type too ) are intensely sensitive to IR light,
so they regularly put an IR absorbing filter to block IR in front of the lens.
Just remove this filter and you have a night monocular detector.
Send the video image to any small monitor.
You can light your scene using deep IR LEDs ( 940 nm ).

Finally there is an image intensifier that can see images lit up by only star light
on a moonless cloudy night. The military uses that and it co$t$.



8 years ago

There are a lot of ways to buy on line other than eBay. Theatrical gels can be mail-ordered from theatrical supply houses. The trick is going to be finding someone who will sell in small quantities.

I have no opinion on whether that approach works or not.


8 years ago

By far the easiest way is to use a video camera and some infrared LEDs even a standard digital camera will work with IR LEDs.