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How can I make the Panel of Equalizer T-Shirt? Or what machine can make the Panel? Answered

I want to start my own business by manufacturing the Panels of Equalizer T-Shirt. I do not want to buy ready made panels, I want to make it by myself. I do not know how to make it!! Or what machines does it make the panel!! Or even from where can I buy this machine!! Thanks.



Best Answer 10 years ago


Start there.

There are several types of fabric displays, and the article does a good job of explaining the most promising ones. The technology you choose depends on the capabilities you require for the product you are designing. The manufacturing method and/or the materials may be patented, in which case you must find the patent-holder or a licensed company and work with them.

Anyway, it's unlikely that the specific products you've mentioned are made by one single machine. There's probably an assembly line with several machines and several workers churning these things out. What do you need to do to replicate it? You need a colored image on a semi-transparent film or fabric, and lighting behind it. The article above explains it better.


9 years ago

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10 years ago

With all due respect, if you want to manufacture this person's idea for profit, why not LICENSE the idea from the inventor? At a guess, licensing might be a practical and HONEST way to get the information you need, directly from the source.

After all, he or she or "they" thought it up, and last I looked it wasn't a give away...

Should you choose to reverse engineer it, there are alot of fabric display technology articles here and else where that will get you started on copying that clever design. But if you don't have the engineering skills, well then as a businessman you can see that there is no free lunch, yes?