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How can I maximize my audience and get more votes for a contest? Answered

Hey guys!

I made this animatronic project (A ROBOT CHEETAH NAMED FLUFFY) and entered it in the epilog, remote control, and the tech contest. The prizes look pretty juicy and I really want to win; could you guys please check it out and vote for me.

here is a link to my project


New Users: all you have to do is click the orange vote button on top right corner of that link and click vote for the three contests you see there

How can I maximize my audience and get more votes?


Orange Shadow

4 years ago

Make a instructable that apeals to your audence. If you have any featured projects those will help. Remember theres at least a 100 project (or a lot more) in each contest so the odds aren't always going to be in you favor.


4 years ago

1. make a really good instructable with great pictures and a good full step by step instructions.

2. Tell social media and all your friends.

3. keep your fingers crossed.