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How can I motivate lazy club members? Answered

I'm president of a club at my college. For the most part we just sit around at watch cartoons but as a college club there are certain things we have to do. Like raise money for charity. If we don't do these things, we lose our club accreditation. Most of the members do nothing to help out, even when I wave the threat of no longer being a club above them. They want all sorts of benefits and extras and things but are unwilling to put forth the time to earn them. How can I get these lazy students to care about the club and help out?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Have them pledge to do 'x help' take part in activities, and assign roles - no pledge = no activities :D

You need to be assertive to convince people to join you on fund-raising stuff. It's difficult to crack the whip if you're not used to it, but really - its a necessity.

If people aren't listening for being distracted by cartoons (they're college students for crying out loud!) then disable the distraction, and hold a mandatory meeting. No show = no club member. The meeting is a good opportunity to get people's heads around the whole 'lose accreditation' idea and help to brainstorm ways to raise money.

Lastly, you can have people required to pay to join the club, their share of the required charitable portion. They have to volunteer to work off their portion to get a refund at the end. No volunteer to fund raise, no refund.

Captain Zeshfrollard

Answer 10 years ago

I can't get rid of the cartoons, because we are an Asian Pop Culture club (we watch movies and cartoons) if I get rid of that there is no reason to show up. The college won't allow us to charge our members so I can't do that either. I've just been going over the club rules and just found out that I can kick them out if they don't help in activities and fundraising. We are having a club meet-up before the semester starts, and although I can't make it mandatory, I should be able to drive home the need for them to help.


10 years ago

If folks don't care enough about the club to help it survive, they don't care enough to have the club. Let it die.


10 years ago

get aggressive theaten them alot get a blow gun and if they ask any favors or keep being lazy kick them out and have them banned until they actually help out