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How can I overclock my gpu? Answered

Hello Instructables community! I have a laptop and it has been driving me crazy recently! Specifically the graphics card has been driving me crazy, its an integrated mobile Intel(R) 965 express chipset family chip running at 500mhz with 256mb of graphics ram ("stolen" from the normal ram and controlled by the OS) I was wondering if anybody knows of a program that is capable of overclocking it, I have tried rivatuner and power strip with no luck, rivatuner didn't even recognize the card and power strip wouldn't let me change the clocks. I want to make sure that I can change the clocks before I upgrade the ram. BTW: the specs on the computer are as follows: Compaq Prescario c700t CTO Intel Celeron @ 1.7ghz 1 GB of shared system and graphics ram (soon to be upgraded) 80GB SATA toshiba hard drive Windows Vista Home Basic sp


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Best Answer 11 years ago

I wouldn't recommend overclocking a laptop. You could fry your hardware fairly easily, as a laptop won't have nearly the cooling efficiency of a desktop, and overclocking voids the warranty. Also, you might not even be able to overclock, since the GPU is integrated into the motherboard. I'd recommend just getting more RAM, you'll see a definite improvement.

That being said, if you're still determined to overclock, then this thread might be of use, I didn't bother to read the whole thing but it looks promising. Remember, Google is your best friend :). Hope this helps.