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How can I play Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The sith lords on a netbook? Answered

Hi all!

I own a emachine em250 and was wondering if it was possible to run Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The sith lords (SWKOTOR 2)

I have 3d analyser which can emulate HW T&L (Hardware Transforming and lighting) and according to both the back of the box and System requirements lab, I should be able to run it ( due to the emulated HW T&L)

Oh, what happens is that I create my player, click play, it displays the loading screen and then about 3 cm away from finishing it flickers, and finishes loading, it then goes completly black and does not respond, eg. I have to shut down the pc/put it to sleep.

So does anyone know the configuration for 3d analyser? or how I could just play it?

I have 1.66 ghz of CPU,
1GB of RAM,
224 mb or video ram

edit: I also tried downloading someone elses save file to see if it is just the load up that is failing... Its not.


Thanks in advance

Nathan (Ghostmonkeys)


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