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How can I preserve animal organs for an open exhibit? Answered

Hi all,

I'm participating in an art exhibition and my project contains two animal organs, a pigs heart and kidney which will be lying on and in a bag of soil, and I'm looking for ways to preserve these parts to be displayed openly at room temperature.

I've looked into DIY plastination and preserving them in alcohol etc but I was wondering if anyone had recommendations? Hopefully inexpensive as a bonus.

If it seems impossible I've considered  having multiple organs, freezing them and rotating them after they begin to defrost but this seems a tad over elaborate.

If anyone has any suggestions if really appreciate it!

Thank you kindly,


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Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

Freeze the organs and expose them to a vacuum. A bell chamber would work best. Frozen water goes from ice to vapor in a vacuum skipping boiling.

Freeze drying them like this keeps there shape and size.

Then a little clear lacquer will bring back their color making them look like new and last for years.


Answer 5 years ago

Only problem is that the organs shrink quite badly too.
There are two problems to fight:
a) smell and liquids coming out
b) keeping it looking good throughout the exhibition

If the organs are for display only and not to be touched anyway I would just put them in a jar after a good dry and fill it with a clear oil.
In case the organs refuse to stay on the bottom cheat with some lead pieces or sinker in them.