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How can I put a dvd on to an ipod touch? Answered

Is it possible to ad a dvd to an ipod touch through you're computer?



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11 years ago

Yes there is. First you must be aware that Decrypting encoded DVDs on your computer is illegal in some countries.
1.Download the following programs:
http://www.dvdtoipod.tv/ <- That is One Click DVD to ipod (get the trial)
http://www.dvd43.com/ <- That is to decrypt the DVD if it is encoded. (click Download site 1)
2.Put the DVD into your computer
3.If DVD is encoded, open DVD 43 to decrypt it. that will not harm your DVD
4. Run OneClickDVDtoIpod and hit start.
5. Wait for it to finish
6. Open Itunes and hit File then hit Add File to Library
7. Select your Movie file whereever you saved it to.
8. Click on your ipod on the left side of itunes under Devices
9. Go to the Movies tab
10. Select your movie from the list, and hit Sync on the lower right corner.

I hope this helped :)


Answer 11 years ago

Thanks a ton! Didn't realize it was illegal but I'm sure I will make use of this method should the need arise