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How can I put a toilet and a window in a closet used as a dark room with a sink? Answered

My closet used to be a darkroom. there is only one toilet in thie little house so another would be a blessing! Would be nice to still have a sink too. RIght now, it's mostly shelves and a sink that works, but I don't use it, coz it's my closet. A window, possibly bumped out a bit would be great.


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11 years ago

This sounds like a very useful home improvement. You need to get the proper permits from the local planning office (they usually have a check list available to help guide you thru the process) This isn't just about paying fees- it's about not nullifying your home insurance and getting work done by professionals that needs to be done by professionals (I'm talking plumbing and electrical mostly) If plumbing and electrical don't get the proper inspections you run the risk of wrecking your house or your ability to sell it or losing you insurance. BTW- I am a strong believer in DIY, just don't get yourself into trouble inadvertently.