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How can I recover windows 7? Answered

Recently i tried to dual boot windows 7 and Linux. I burned the linux iso to a cd, and installed it. While installing it, something whent very wrong and whipped out all of windows 7 and Linux won't work aswell. I don't have the windows 7 reinstall disk with me. how can i recover my blank computer?


I did obtain the laptop legally with windows 7 already installed. However, it did not come with a recovery disk. I downloaded a windows 7 recovery iso and burned it to a dvd using imgburn. it worked fine but then asked me to "provide a backup image you created earlier". I didn't make any backup images prior to this. Can i download a backup image someone has created earlier? please help!



3 years ago

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8 years ago

Oh dear.
Windows 7 isn't that old, so you should be able to tell us exactly where you got it, and hopefully dig out the paperwork that has your Windows 7 licence / serial number on it?
If you've legitimately purchased a copy there should be a way to reinstall Windows through a proper legit' process.



8 years ago

ALWAYS make full backups before doing any major change to an installation.

Without knowing a lot more about exactly what went wrong -- which probably means actually having hands on your machine -- it's extremely hard to give advice on how to recover without reinstalling. At least give us a better description of what happens when you try to boot -- how far does it get, and what happens when it fails.

If you're lucky, the system may just have been left with no partition selected as bootable. If so, finding a bootable disk that will let you make that selection will get your Windows partition back on the air.