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How can I remove gorilla glue? Answered

I got this glue on my hands and ipod and i'm wondering if anyone knows a way to remove it.



Best Answer 7 years ago

If it is the superglue type, acetone or fingernail polish remover will work. If it is the urethane foaming type, I don't know of any solvent that will touch it. You can try scraping as much as you can off and then trying to loosen it with hot, soapy water, but mostly its gonna stay there until the skin sloughs off. On you iPod, scrape and sand off as much as you can .


Answer 7 years ago


The foaming stuff is very resilient which is why it's such a great glue to bind things together. The key is to wipe it off within the first few minutes with soapy water. Don't let it start foaming and set.


Answer 3 years ago

Acetone will work even after the glue has cured. I have tested this.


Answer 3 years ago

I've discovered that acetone will dissolve the foaming type of gorilla glue even after it has cured. You just need to rub the acetone into the glue for a bit and it'll slowly soften and melt away. Make sure to test the acetone on an inconspicuous area of your object first to see if it affects the material before trying it.


6 years ago

A few drops of "Goof Off" on a small piece of paper towel, then rub gently for a few seconds. This completely removed Gorilla Glue from my Ipod Classic screen without damaging the screen.


Answer 3 years ago

I tried Goo Gone on the cured glue and it did nothing to remove the glue. Others have said to try olive oil but that doesn't work either. It really depends on what surface your trying to remove the glue from. If it's a non-porous, smooth surface, you can easily peal or scrape it off with your fingernails, but if it's on a textured surface, no amount of Goo Gone or Goof Off will work. Acetone is the best solution. A couple applications and gently rubbing the glue will melt it off.