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How can I remove labels/lettering from Absolut Vodka bottles? Answered

I'm doing a project utilizing old vodka bottles, and cannot find any info out there on removing the lettering.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Try each of the following, in no particular order, and never at the same time! Lighter(zippo) fluid or naptha- Obviously you need to take care and avoid flame. Do this one outside. Use paper towels or Cotton rags only. Dispose of the rags properly, or just dry them off and throw them on your next campfire. Paint thinner- Do this outside. Follow handling directions on bottle. Baking soda- Pour a dime-sized pile onto a damp sponge and use it to scrub the lettering. TSP cleaner - Follow directions on the package. Very abrasive, will scratch the glass.


7 months ago

How do I remove the transparent seal inside the cap of absolute vodka bottle


11 months ago

I used muriatic acid and the blue lettering came off after two hours of soaking. The letter "A" is still there. More work to be done


4 years ago

Personally, I just used a quarter to scratch off the label. I took a while and cramped up my hand but was totally worth it in the end


4 years ago

Put it in a recipe with vinagear for 24 hours. Its so easy!


6 years ago

Adding heat to the enamel sets it on. Anyone crafty know after you paint glass you bake it to keep the paint adhered on. Try acetone or paint remover and let it set, if it was "burned" on it may not be easy to get off.


7 years ago

I just today removed the enameled silkscreen label from my Absolyte Vodka bottle. I had received the limited edition crystal rock cut ( little pyramids ) bottle from a friend and want to reuse it for whisky. I used a paste/gel product from 3M called Safest Stripper for paint and varnish I had laying around for years. I applied a thick coat all around the band label and let it soak for 1 1/2 hour. I scrubbed and washed it off with cool water and one of those kitchen sponge/scour pads. It took at least six processes, but it worked Great. Each application removed a little at a tme. The pad nor the stripper left any damage to the clear glass uder the enamel. The bottle looks Fantastic. Now what to do with the vodka ? Try this it WORKED.


8 years ago

obviously all the people who have answerd this question have never seen an absolute vodka bottle. there is no label, the words are enamelled on to the bottle.
i regularly slump these bottles in a kiln at over 700 degrees C and the lettering remains intact


Answer 8 years ago

is there ANYTHING that could remove this enamel?


8 years ago

these letters are on for good, i'm trying a stripper that removes just about anything and none of the print is even close to coming off. anyone else with a product for this?


9 years ago

 Have you tried Acetone from the nail supply aisle at any drugstore or big box chain?  That usually helps me dissolve the imprints on bottles.


10 years ago

I have successfully removed many labels whole for a display simply by putting the bottles into a large bucket of slightly soapy water. Over a day or so they come right off! If you're thinking of getting rid of raised glass lettering then carefully using an abrasive disc in an angle grinder has worked for me (gloves and glasses, please!).