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How can I repair a password protected docx file? Answered

I have a docx file I would REALLY like to recover.  It was password protected so I can't jump into the xml structure of the file and neither can any online repair tools I've found.  It appears that the docx file, when its password protected, gets put into an OLE package file (whatever that is).  I know the password and am confident I could get my text data out of the docx package if I could figure out how to get extract the encrypted data package.

Please help!



4 years ago

In case you have not checked this:


But as far as I know DOCX files are just packed as a zip, in your case with a password.

Make a copy of your file (never work with an original!).

Open the damaged files with 7Zip, you might have to rename it to .ZIP.

You should be asked for your password and after that you are able to extract the files.

If that fails try to open the file with OpenOffice - it is freeware.


4 years ago

Yeah, whatever you do, don't wait for one of the local spammers to come back with a paid solution ! They're all con-artists !!