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How can I repair/replace an arcing flyback transformer? Answered

I got a free TV off FreeCycle, a Magnavox 51MP6100D/37 (same thing from Philips with a better site). When powered on, there is no picture, and the flyback arcs...I can hear the sparking, and there's a blue glow from inside. Could this just be a buildup of gunk that a shot of electrical cleaner might fix, or would repair require replacing the whole flyback?


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Best Answer 10 years ago

If the arcing is internal of the transformer, it is unrepairable. you must buy a replacement transformer to fix it.  If the arcing is from a terminal of the transformer to a ground-point... then you MIGHT be able to fix it using several methods. first unplug/ unpower the tv and gain access to the area.

   1.  scrape away the burnt carbonized area. Repair any broken foil-circuit-traces.  This may fix it.

   2.  If arcing still occurs, then you may need to paint the area with "high voltage "paint" or "dope".  Look on ebay for brush-on products for electronics technicians.   Wait  about 12 hours for paint to dry before turning tv back ON for test.

If the arcing is just an UNSOLDERED or broken solder point, you are in LUCK.  This is a VERY COMMON problem in many tv's.  Just clean the loose solder connection with a SMALL wire brush or sharp knife by scratching the blackened burnt stuff OFF of the terminal.  Then re-solder the connection.  Be sure to use PLENTY of heat to flow the solder real smooth.  That will fix it!


10 years ago

Can you SEE where the transformer is arcing ? Cleaning is  a good idea.If you can't and its still tracking, dig all the carbonised crap off the circuit board, clean and try again.

If the transformer is arcing internally, I suppose it might be the HT lead that's at fault, so try changing that.