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How can I speed up the rate of fire on a nerf swarmfire? Answered

I recently purchased a nerf swarmfire. It is fully automatic. It holds twenty darts when full, and empties all of its barrels in about 6.4 seconds. Thus it fires one dart every 0.32 seconds. I'm in a club where rate of fire basically determines the winner of every battle, so an ible about how to speed this up would be appreciated.


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9 years ago

if i am not mistaken, when you take it apart there is a motor that pretty much drives the whole thing(I could be wrong). you have two choices:
1. you can attempt to gear up that motor. i do not suggest this as it will be much more difficult and has a less chance of working as #2.
2. replace the motor. go out and buy some crazy fast battle-bots motor and use that.
I hope this helped.