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How can I stop getting Instructables “From the Editors” emails several times a week? Answered

I like and support Instructables, but I didn’t renew my Pro membership because I was tired of getting “From the Editors” emails several times a week. There’s no “unsubscribe” link in the emails (violating the most basic rule of bulk email) and even though I have everything turned off in my “Email Alerts” preferences, the “From the Editors” emails still keep coming. How can I turn off these emails? The alternative is to keep clicking the “Spam” button until Gmail learns to move all instructables.com email straight to the Spam folder, but that will cause Gmail to be more likely to classify instructables.com emails as spam for everyone.



Best Answer 4 years ago

Actually there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every newlsetter, attached is a screenshot. The other option is to email service@instructables.com to ask to be removed from the mailing list.


Answer 4 years ago

You are correct, thanks. In my defence, it's easy to miss, at least in Apple Mail. I was looking in the white content area. The "unsubscribe" link is way down at the very bottom left corner of the window, outside the grey border, where I didn't notice it (see attached screenshot).

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4 years ago

There should be a setting in the 'email alerts section' you can turn off - if you don't want to receive emails at all you should un-check all the boxes and like MsSweetSatisfaction says: "there is an unsubscribe button down the bottom of every newsletter".

I turned all my notifications off and I still get emails about contests I have entered and about featured 'ibles, I don't mind them so I haven't explored how to stop them.